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Lektira Mali Pirat Za Citanje Vytalori

iso full version pc PC PC pc rippin n time djj dee aka paul cron hacker witha i n d to.. Q: Android: No images appear I have a weird problem. When my App launches, there are no images appear (it's just black for a little while, and then the loading screen shows). I tried several things: I have a smaller screen, and make sure my.png files are not too big. I check if they're too small, and I have a 256x256.png, as well as a 512x512. I force them to load using a LoadImageAndSetBitmap() method, as suggested in this question. I tried adding them using an ImageView (from android.R.drawable.*) I checked the memory and nothing is oudated I'm out of ideas, and I'm at the stage that I'd like to get someone's opinion/help. What can cause this kind of bug? Update Thanks for all your comments, and my 2 photos are here: The first one has been resized using the setImageBitmap() method from here The second is the original. A: It could be that the images are too big for the screen on the device. If that's the case, then Android will not display them, and it looks like a black screen until the user clicks on something. We've only seen short clips of the show, but it looks like a great show! I love the music, art, and depth of the characters. Just got back from seeing Wil Wheaton on stage, and it was wonderful. I was happy to see that he was again wearing his very cool Star Trek:TOS hat. He did a bit of time travel, too...he introduced himself and then went back to his younger self. It was a lot of fun! If you want to know more about Wil Wheaton and the opportunity he's offering the public, go to http ac619d1d87

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